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Feb 15, 2009

It's the first ever (as far as we know) fan commentary for Dollhouse! This new series from Joss Whedon introduces an "active" named Echo, played by series Producer, Eliza Dushku. A top secret facility is wiping the memories and personalities of men and women, to be imprinted with new identities, so that they can carry out "engagements" offered up to high paying clients. But, what happens when Echo begins to become self aware, remembering who she really is and what she's hiding from?

Lisa Tobias and I take a look at the pilot episode, Ghost. We talk about sexuality, pacing your story, Eliza's range and untapped potential as well as how happy we are to have her, Joss and Tim Minear back on TV again!

NOTE: As this is not a DVD release, you are instead encouraged to view the episode either through Amazon, iTunes or Hulu. Please listen for the preemptive countdown before beginning the video on your computer or mobile device.

Lisa T.
over fifteen years ago

Wow, 120 downloads already? That\'s awesome!! :)