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Feb 12, 2009

Just in time for his 17th Birthday, Will Ritchie from Geekeasy makes an appearance on the show. Could this be considered some manly rite of passage? Probably not, but you decide.

00:02:50 - Will's been watching and loving Dead Like Me. This brings up lamentation of Bryan Fuller's recent experiences with the TV Gods.
00:07:23 - How I Met Your Mother has become Will's new drug of choice. The nature and history of sitcoms and reality shows are discussed.
00:15:28 - John likes making new friends through pop culture references. This leads into curiosity about Nathan Fillion's work. Will suggests that Joss Whedon and his entourage may be cursed.
00:21:55 - Will schools John on Firefly's DVD exclusive episodes. John hangs his head in shame.
00:26:37 - This just in, Will and John love horror movies like a fat kid loves cake. John praises the strong acting in The Alphabet Killer, but warns against the so-so script. This leads into an appreciation of Eliza Dushku.
00:36:33 - John breaks Will, after discussing sexuality used in media as a marketing tool. Burn Notice is mentioned.
00:41:25 - Dollhouse is fast approaching. The anticipation is so thick, you can almost taste it. It tastes like cinnamon. Will throws in a story of random geekness.
00:45:16 - More email from Marshal, our neighbor to the far, far north. His favorite episode of Geek By Night is apparently That Yellow Mustard.
00:51:50 - Will just wants to spread the love and increase the peace. John is open to the idea, but not optimistic.
01:03:32 - John discusses his age and maturity level in relation to others. This is just before he closes out the show so he can go cow tipping, so your mileage may vary.

The following artists can be heard in this episode:

Cuba Gooding Jr., Fader Gladiator, Faithless, Groove Armada, Weezer, Zero 7, Why?, Coldplay, My Chemical Romance, Stars, Dreadzone, Moby, Jimmy Eat World, Echobelly, Syntax, Anthony Stewart Head & George Sarah & Alyson Hannigan and Deadstar.

John Pavlich
over fifteen years ago

Sure. The song is called, \"Lights Go Down\" by Deadstar. It\'s used in episode 7 from season 4 of Buffy, called \"Initiative\". Email me, and I can send you the file.

almost fifteen years ago

Hey! I watch Survivor.

It actually has a few blogs on, including one by Jeff Probst himself.

Lisa T.
over fifteen years ago

Um ... was your little \"What Love Is\" Cuba Gooding, Jr. clip at the beginning of the episode a jab at me for never being able to record with you - or am I just being narcissistic? LOL. ;)

Yay, 1 day until Dollhouse! John, we should record a special Couch Surfing with our thoughts on the pilot tomorrow night after we watch it!

John Pavlich
over fifteen years ago

I\'m way ahead of you, Lisa.

And no, I just try to put something from a movie or TV show at the top of the podcast each time, and I just love that clip... Narcissist. :)

over fifteen years ago

Fun Fact: HIMYM isn\'t filmed in front of a live studio audience because of the many locations. But they had veiwings of the finished product and they used that laughter

over fifteen years ago

please.....john can you give me the name of the song and artist that is played at very end of the podcast?
something about `let down and a message`?

over fifteen years ago

I\'m really glad with the way this turned out. I think I had even more fun listening to our conversation then I did recording.