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Dec 10, 2008

Nick Jimenez takes a break from his voice acting gig with Geek By Night, to talk movies and TV with John. Don't forget to check out Nick's show, Geekeasy. You can find it over at

00:05:03 - Nick is digging on this groundbreaking new series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Better late than never.
00:11:44 - John is making his way through season two of Alias, with a few frustrating results. See above.
00:17:39 - John takes a moment to pimp Tim Minear's long-lost series, The Inside. This leads into a discussion of Fox's confusing treatment of Dollhouse.
00:26:01 - Nick brings up how Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is invading mainstream culture.
00:28:20 - Nick updates John on the current episodes of Heroes. The show was dropped a while back, and will now definitely stay dropped, stomped on, stabbed and set on fire.
00:38:00 - The both of them are excited about Star Trek, but weary of hardcore Star Trek fans. This leads to talk of Juno, Twilight and over-hype.
00:46:02 - Diablo Cody is really proud of her Oscar. Others, not so much. Nick and John explore the bile that is internet flaming.
00:54:50 - Will Smith wants a sequel to Hancock. Apparently, so does Nick.
01:05:00 - Nick longs for a serious, hard-edged vampire film. Let The Right One In comes up in the conversation, and the plans for an American remake, naturally.
01:09:56 - It turns out that Disney cartoons are full of all kinds of violent death. Who knew?
01:15:22 - Seth McFarlane is listed in Entertainment Weekly as the smartest man in TV. Eliza Dushku is all kinds of hot. What's the connection? Find out here.
01:22:35 - Nick closes out the show by sharing his thoughts on Mission: Impossible 3 and reminds listeners to visit his podcast, Geekeasy.

The following artists can be heard in this episode:

Jack Black, The Dismasters, The Breeders, Mick Smiley, The Killers, Dreadzone, Tricky, The Crystal Method, BT, And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, Nada Surf, The Submarines, Britney Spears, Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle, Oceansize, Weekend Players, Mathew Good Band, Michael Jackson & Will I Am, Presidents Of The United States Of America and Kanye West.

John Pavlich
almost fifteen years ago

Thanks for listening, Will! Glad you\'re enjoying the show. Show us some love on iTunes when you get the chance?

John Pavlich
almost fifteen years ago

I\'m just gonna sit here and wait patiently for Bryan Fuller\'s return to Heroes.

almost fifteen years ago

The midseason finale was pretty good, i thought

almost fifteen years ago

Hello Sofadogs!(my first comment/ episode) I really liked this episode, especially the Alias talk. I fell out around season three but got back in at five. Hang in there John! It gets great

almost fifteen years ago

And Now i can\'t stop thinking about Drew Carey

almost fifteen years ago

I was a big fan of The Inside when it was airing. Fox shipped off Dark Angel to Friday nights \"death slot\" to die after a fairly successful 1st season.

Lisa T.
almost fifteen years ago

Enough with the \"Heroes\" hate already! It makes me sad. :(