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Oct 29, 2008

Couch Surfing Episode 13 - We Ain't Been Shaved

Gibson and Elliot record a podcast! Well, sort of. Episode thirteen of Couch Surfing supplies John with Chris O'Connor from Geek By Night, filling in as Scott's replacement. Thanks to John and YouTube, Chris discovers the modern vampire cult classic, Near Dark. Civil rights advocate and NRA spokesman, Charlton Heston has unfortunately passed away, but at least the world still has epic favorites like Ben-Hur and Planet Of The Apes to remember him by. Remakes of both Dune and Short Circuit are currently in the works, which leads to a discussion about how robots will eventually rise to power and crush us all. Lionsgate may soon give The Monster Squad the High Definition treatment, even though John is still hopeful for Night Of The Creeps to be released on DVD soon. Chris has a substantial theory concerning Versus Movies, but is distracted when he learns of Armageddon in The Criterion Collection. The episode concludes with a possible correlation between African-American Presidents and movies about world destruction. Keep those co-host requests coming, folks. The following artists can be heard in this episode:

Don Felder, Bear McCreary, Tangerine Dream, Joe Kraemer, Brian Tyler, Brian Eno, Styx, MC Lars Horris, The Platters, The Diamonds, The Perishers, Blondie, The Martinis, Heavens, Sum 41, Slowdive and Kaiser Chiefs.

almost fourteen years ago

LOVED IT!!! You two kept me laughing the whole time. You need to team up more!!