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Oct 2, 2008

Eric Diaz, from the video podcast Geekscape brings a unique perspective to the show this week. Lots of frank, dividing subject matter gets covered here in this overstuffed episode, so proceed with caution. Not suitable for children, unless you're really open and casual with your kids. Like, seriously.

00:02:46 - Eric is singing the praises of Mad Men. It won some important Emmy awards, so that's gotta count for something, right?
00:09:12 - John desperately wants to check out the special features on the Spaced DVDs, even though he's already seen and enjoyed the show.
00:11:48 - John is experiencing a love/hate relationship with season one of Eli Stone. The conversation turns into talk of the Green Lantern movie.
00:18:47 - Breaking news, Tim Burton was a hired gun on his remake of Planet Of The Apes, which ruined the movie.
00:20:28 - John and Eric discuss fan boy-submitted, great movies lists. Popularity goes head to head with actual quality.
00:26:00 - Back to Eli Stone. Season two will be arriving soon, but John is almost certain the show had been canceled. Confusion ensues.
00:29:55 - John brings up Fringe. It's entertaining, but the problems are still there. This leads into some Joshua Jackson love.
00:42:36 - If a show taps an idea really well, should no one else be allowed to expand on it? This leads to talk about Bones. The show has jumped the shark, so John has dropped it. Again.
00:46:27 - There's talk of the season three premiere of Heroes. It's not pretty. Thankfully, Hiro manages to escape more or less unscathed.
00:56:36 - John gives his play by play on Heroes through his Twitter posts.
01:06:24 - John continues his thoughts on season one of Six Feet Under.
01:13:45 - Eric explains the difference between sexual behavior and sexual orientation, using the new Buffy comics and the television series as reference material.
01:24:48 - Chasing Amy comes up in a discussion of the validity bisexuality.
01:34:27 - Buffy gets blamed for the decrease in female membership in the Church Of England. We roll our eyes and scoff.
01:45:41 - Eric makes a bold prediction about the Buffy comics. John gasps, but considers it.
01:54:02 - Eric praises the writing on the Angel comics, but the art makes him cry.
02:01:30 - John closes out the show by lamenting how expensive weekly comics are.

The following artists can be heard in this episode:

C & C Music Factory, Etta James, Johnny Ace, Dan Mudford & Pete Woodhead, George Michael, Ladytron, Beck, Imogen Heap, Thomas Dolby, Moby, Pete Yorn, Crystal Method, Wendy & Lisa, Stars, Iio, Doves, Gym Class Heroes, Thomas Newman, Lamb, Stereophonics, Sarah Mclachlan, DJ Shadow, Massive Attack, Tricky, The Futureheads, Curve, Marvin Gaye, Overseer, Sinead O'Connor, BT, Joshua Radin and Dead Or Alive.

almost fourteen years ago

The Angel story started a little slow but is really moving great. I agree with Eric the art is not good, not good at all.

Lisa T.
almost fourteen years ago

Eric was an okay co-host, but you guys agreed on too much stuff ...

I miss that awesome girl you\'ve been co-hosting with lately! She would have totally pointed out all the mistaken reasoning behind your Heroes season 3 hate!

[P.S. - just kidding, Eric, you were AWESOME!! Well, not as AWESOME as me - but still AWESOME!]

almost fourteen years ago

Heroes season 3 is off the scale on the tripe-o-meter. Now season 2 had a lot of tripe, but the season 3 premiere packed in at least 46.5% more tripe per minute than any S2 ep - a new record!

Hayden Jones
almost fourteen years ago

Hey, I know this is on an older episode but I think your acting is fine. It was much better than that fake Scottish accent that Stu did. He needs to take lessons from the great American actor Sean Connery. ;-)