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Apr 18, 2008

Spiffy! The fourteenth episode from the second season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer brings us to Innocence. In the conclusion to this two-parter, Angel has lost a soul, but gained some swagger. This does not bode well for Buffy, after having done some "stuff" with Angel the night before. Thanks to Jenny Calendar's Gypsy ancestors, and their inability to let things go, Angel's cursed. Buffy soon learns the hard way that you really do hurt the ones you "love". Can she bring herself to do what must be done? Is there a weapon forged that can destroy The Judge? Do you really not know the answers to these questions by now?

Join Rachel Gatlin and I as we discuss inconsistent wardrobes, Gellar's heartbreaking performance, sexual milestones, an ever-expanding Sunnydale, a strange appreciation for matchbooks and the latest game to sweep the nation, Six Degrees Of Joss Whedon.

NOTE: defines "Wiggins" as:

The state of being uncomfortable or freaked out.

I want to go home, this place gives me the wiggins.

Just as before, please listen for the preemptive countdown before beginning the episode on your DVD.