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Mar 28, 2008

The eleventh episode from Buffy's second season brings us to "Ted". Rachel Gatlin and I sit down to watch one of Joss Whedon's favorite episodes. In it, a new man is suddenly showing up in the Summers household. He rather quickly and easily wins the trust and affection of Joyce and the Scoobies, but Buffy herself is convinced something is rotten in Sunnydale. Who is this man named Ted, and what's the deal with all the crazy malarkey going on?

Rachel and I discuss busy shirts, the surprising lack of an official soundtrack score album, the pros and cons of 16-millimeter film and the late, great John Ritter. He's a man known for expert, comic timing and genuine warmth and sincerity. Gone, but never forgotten.

Just as before, please listen for the preemptive countdown before starting the episode on your DVD.

NOTE: Rachel and I briefly mention Ritter's passing, unable to recall exactly when it happened. Apparently, we were both mistaken. John Ritter died on September 11th, 2003, barely a week before his 55th birthday.