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Jul 28, 2006

My commentary for the episode, Safe is anything but. I bring up the topics of Buffy, The Village, Dogma and even my big, comfy couch. There's no telling what I may ramble on about. Please throw caution to the wind and join me in my delusion that I'm interesting. :) This was recorded on the 29th of March, in the year of our Joss, 2006.

over thirteen years ago

I\'ve been watching your Firefly commentaries today, and apart from them all being awesome so far, I\'d like to specifically thank you for not spoiling Buffy for me. :) I\'ve seen Buffy up to the sixth season and am planning to watch the rest, so it\'s nice that it\'s not spoiled too much more for me. I\'ve of course seen some things mentioned from season 7 that I\'d rather not have had, but it\'s nice to see that some people care.

Also, I like your commentaries, and I plan to listen to your Dollhouse commentaries as they appear.

John Pavlich
twelve and a half years ago

Thanks so much! Sorry for the late response. I don\'t get notified when a comment is posted, so I often stumble across them by accident. Glad you\'re enjoying these raw, early recordings. The Dollhouse commentaries are coming along nicely. I hope you enjoy Tim Minear\'s appearance for True Believer. Please be sure to comment and let him know what an awesome job he did! :)