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Jul 15, 2006

Stu and I return to finish up the first season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In the season finale, Buffy must finally face The Master and ultimately die, as is written in the Slaying For Dummies textbook. Meanwhile, Xander takes a page from Dating For Dummies and asks Buffy to the dance. Three guesses on how that one turns out. This episode has everything. Drama, adventure, suspense, romance and fruit punch mouth.

seventeen and a half years ago

Hehe, it\'s clearly magical sacrificial fabric - the dirt and blood just slides right off!

John Pavlich
seventeen and a half years ago

Yeah, anytime you notice something like that? A wizard did it. :)

Daniel Rudolph
seventeen and a half years ago

On previously segments: Peopel didn\'t like htese removed because they\'re scored as part of the episode. THe music just starts abruptly without them. There\'s also the issue of The Gift, where the segment served a rather different purpose and an episode of Angel where it existed to set up a joke. It gives a whole bunch of previously stuff about Darla, then opens with Angel talkign to an unseen person, who turns out to be Cordelia.

I\'m used to work in fashion sales. In the late 1990s, simple elegance was the fashion. This trend was led by people like Gwyneth Paltrow, IIRC. There were a lot of solid cremes and whites and such that were cut in a classic, not particularly elaborate style with only minor ornamentation.

That scene where they discover the dead bodies is also a big turning point for Cordelia. It destroys her ability to ignore things and she\'s basically a part of the group after this.

Speaking of Buffy\'s hair: While her hair gets all mussed, her white dress holds up pretty well after that stint in a mud puddle.