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Jul 10, 2006

Stu and I are back once again, with a vengeance. Okay, that's a lie. I mean, we are back, but certainly not in a vengeful fashion. We'll be saving that for when one of our fellow podcasters gets shot, or when one of them is left at the altar on their wedding day. Yeah, whichever one of those comes first.
Anyway, today we'll be discussing Out Of Mind, Out Of Sight. This is the eleventh episode from Buffy's first season.
Apparently, if you ignore someone long and hard enough, they really do go away! Neat!

P.S. Have A Great Summer! :)

Daniel Rudolph
seventeen and a half years ago

The weapon in Buffy\'s purse was actually a flail, not a mace.

On Buffy\'s outsider status: note that for an apparent low-grade loser Cordelia expends a lot of effort on her and apparently considers her a major rival.

On refusing to acknowledge people: I read an interview where Joss said Roseanne used to do this, which is part of why he quit her show.

seventeen and a half years ago

Direct quote from wikipedia: \"The flail is often incorrectly called a mace.\"

Hehe, I wonder if this was supposed to some sort of visual gag - a girl keeping \'mace\' in her handbag.