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Aug 12, 2007

The Dark Age is the eighth episode from the second season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It seems that Giles was something of a miscreant during his formative years in England. One night of dabbling in the dark arts results in the death of a friend, the unleashing of a globe-trotting demon and a freaky tattoo. Now, Giles must own up to his sins of long ago, as his murderous past has caught up with him.

Throw in the slithering Ethan Rayne, the sexy Jenny Calendar and one nasty-looking demon, and The Dark Age is the place to be. Join me as I talk about unexplainable green lighting, a possible connection to Firefly by way of set decoration and one of the more baffling continuity mistakes in the history of this series. As per usual, please listen for my preemptive countdown before starting the episode on your DVD.