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Jun 29, 2007

After a sudden attack of kidney stones, followed by severe sickness, I'm back to my old self. To celebrate, I take a look at How I Met Your Mother's third episode from the first season, "Sweet Taste Of Liberty". Ted just wants to hang out with his regular friends at his regular bar, but Barney's got other plans. The fun becomes "legendary" when the two guys spontaneously board a plane to Philadelphia.

Meanwhile, back at the bar, Robin and Lily try to spend some time together. When random guys start hitting on Robin, Lily is ultimately ignored. At Marshall's request, she pockets her engagement ring. In this episode, it's all about trust, adventure and the desire to lick things. This was recorded very late at night, so by the end of it, I'm very tired and a bit incoherent. As per usual, I'll do a countdown and tell you when to start the show on your DVD.

almost fifteen years ago

Sweet vindication! The episode was called Exposé, and I\\\'m glad I\\\'m not the only one who loved it :)

John Pavlich
over fifteen years ago

Hey Chris,

Thanks so much for your comments. Glad to hear you\'re enjoying the show. You\'ll be pleased to know that Stu and I are planning another Fall TV Preview episode in the near future. As for Traveler, I\'ve been waiting for that show since our initial Fall episode, back in \'06. The show is being streamed online over the summer and I haven\'t missed a single episode. I\'m really enjoying it.

Thanks again. Take care. -John

over fifteen years ago

I finally saw the first episode of Traveler via *ahem* alternate means (who knows when it\\\'ll surface on a UK channel!) and was quite impressed. Obviously since I\\\'d watched all the trailer footage that was available last year, some of the twists and turns weren\\\'t or turny, but that couldn\\\'t be helped. The pilot episode moved at a million miles an hour - which is pretty much the perfect pace for any fugitive show! - and the cast seems to be a pretty good mix of recognisable faces. If I had an uber-fast net connection I\\\'d have probably caught up with the rest of the episodes by now...but in the meantime don\\\'t spoil me!