#199 - Community: Pilot

I'm flying solo on this one as I take a look at the pilot for the NBC hit comedy series, Community! In the first episode of season one, a recently disbarred Lawyer must now attend Greendale Community College in order to gain a legitimate degree. He meets a pretty girl and tries to impress her by forming a fake study group for their Spanish Language class.

Please join me as I discuss cynical comedy, establishing character and my own brief college experience. Remember to listen for the preemptive countdown before starting the episode on your DVD.

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#111 - Titus: Dave Moves Out In the third episode of Titus, called Dave Moves Out, Christopher convinces Dave to leave the nest. Unfortunately, he tried to take his father's VCR. Ken is not too happy, and has Dave thrown in jail for grand theft. When it's revealed that Titus is behind Dave's sudden independence (and the theft of the VCR), their Dad makes Christopher join his brother as an accomplice.

Can Erin bring Father and Sons together through love and reconciliation? Will Ken get his VCR back? Will Tommy ever back off? Most importantly, why has it taken me over a year and a half to record more Titus commentaries? Please join me as I attempt to answer all these questions and more.

As per usual, please listen for the preemptive countdown before starting the episode on your DVD.
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#71 - How I Met Your Mother: Sweet Taste Of Liberty After a sudden attack of kidney stones, followed by severe sickness, I'm back to my old self. To celebrate, I take a look at How I Met Your Mother's third episode from the first season, "Sweet Taste Of Liberty". Ted just wants to hang out with his regular friends at his regular bar, but Barney's got other plans. The fun becomes "legendary" when the two guys spontaneously board a plane to Philadelphia.

Meanwhile, back at the bar, Robin and Lily try to spend some time together. When random guys start hitting on Robin, Lily is ultimately ignored. At Marshall's request, she pockets her engagement ring. In this episode, it's all about trust, adventure and the desire to lick things. This was recorded very late at night, so by the end of it, I'm very tired and a bit incoherent. As per usual, I'll do a countdown and tell you when to start the show on your DVD.
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#65 - How I Met Your Mother: Purple Giraffe The story of How I Met Your Mother continues, in Purple Giraffe, the second episode of the first season. After getting shot down by Robin, Ted attempts to win her heart again by throwing not one, not two, but three (!) impromptu parties. Meanwhile, Barney keeps running into a one night stand, as he tries desperately to find out who Carlos is. Also, Lily can't keep her hands off of Marshall who's struggling to finish an important paper before the deadline.

Join me as I talk about the art of controlling the claw machine, my disdain for parties and large crowds and the near impossible feat of staying "just friends" with a woman you wish would have your children. As per usual, listen for my preemptive countdown before starting your DVD.
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#53 - How I Met Your Mother: Pilot According to a later episode of How I Met Your Mother, nothing good happens after 2 AM. I decided to test that theory by recording a commentary a couple of hours before sunrise. The pilot of How I Met Your Mother concerns the early years of Ted Mosby and his epic quest to find the future Miss Right. Meanwhile, newly engaged couple Marshall and Lily are lucky enough to have found each other, and man-about-town Barney is simply looking for Miss Right Now. It's a love story told in reverse. Suit up and join me, won't you?

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Episode 38 - Titus: Sex With Pudding In the second episode of Titus, called Sex With Pudding, Christopher fears that Erin is cheating on him. Things go from bad to worse when he learns that she's actually being sexually harrassed, by her Lesbian Boss! The show continues to turn sitcom convention on its head and tackle fresh, new areas of the human condition with hilarious results. Some stuff even gets set on fire!

Important News: I regret to inform the loyal listeners (all six of you), I will be absent from Sofa Dogs for at least a month. Recent money troubles have forced me to cancel my internet service. On the bright side, the show will still be around. Full hosting duties will be in the far more capable hands of my partner in crime, Stu. You can direct all questions and comments to him through sofadogs@hotmail.com and as always, keep those iTunes reviews coming. They're very much appreciated. Also, the Sharecrow site has a new Top 10 section. I've recently discovered that Sofa Dogs is in their list of popular downloads, so a big thank you to those of you responsible.

Finally, I wouldn't normally do this, but if you folks would like to contribute a small donation to this site, you can do so at my paypal account through kungfubear@msn.com. I hope you enjoy the show while I'm away and I hope to be back soon, putting you all to sleep again. :)

Warm and fuzzy love,
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Episode 18 - Titus: Dad's Dead In the Season One pilot episode Dad's Dead, Christopher Titus is worried that his father may have passed on. You see, Ken has been in his room for four days straight....without getting a beer! It's the groundbreaking, autobiographical and hilarious sitcom that introduced a massive audience to the brilliance that is Christopher Titus....for three years.

Well hey, it was on Fox, after all. :)

P.S. I recorded this commentary at the butt crack of dawn, so keep that in mind while listening.
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Episode 12 - Boy Meets World: Hair Today, Goon Tomorrow

Allen Coe makes a surprise return to the show. Taking a break from the string of Joss Whedon related material, we discuss the second episode from the fourth season of Boy Meets World. In Hair Today, Goon Tomorrow, Cory is going through a bad hair phase and is unhappy with his own appearance. In an effort to cheer him up and prove that looks aren't everything, his girlfriend Topanga purposefully butchers her own hair. Meanwhile, oldest brother Eric dreams of becoming the first Good Looking Detective, instead of getting a real job. It's sweet, silly Disney entertainment. Ah, to be a kid again. As always, feedback is very much appreciated and encouraged in the comments section.

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