Sofa Dogs Special Announcement (2015)

Subject: The Sofa Dogs Podcast

Observers: John Pavlich

Record Date: September 12, 2015, 01:16 PM

Note: This is a new update on the future of the podcast and plans for expansion to other platforms and formats. In addition, this is also a strong request to please make a donation, via Paypal. Thank you.

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Sofa Dogs Special Announcement (2013)

Subject: The Sofa Dogs Podcast

Observers: John Pavlich

Record Date: May 19, 2013, 11:07 PM

Note: This is a special message I've recorded, asking the listeners out there to please make a donation, through the website's Paypal Donate Button. No matter how great or small, your support helps to keep me and the show going. Thank you.

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Attention fellow Podcasters!

The Sofa Dogs Podcast has reached its 5th Anniversary! Grab the new promo HERE and spread the word!


-John Pavlich

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Hey folks,

I'm coming to you from the free interwebs of my local library. Why? Well a couple nights ago, seemingly out of nowhere, my computer started acting slow and nonresponsive, so I tried to restart. Unfortunately, my Windows XP Professional OS will no longer load, and my computer is now stuck on a constant restart loop. I can't even attempt a System Restore. When I do, I'm presented with a DOS prompt for Windows, at which point, I'm completely stumped. A computer literate friend told me I had a virus that had corrupted my system. He suggested that I obtain a copy of either Windows Vista or Windows 7 and upgrade my operating system.

If there is anyone reading this who has a copy of either, please let me know. My computer is a refurbished machine and did not come with a Windows disc. As I understand it, most computers these days don't either. You have to make one yourself, I guess. Regardless, if you can help in some way, or you know some one who can, please email me. Until then, I am lost at sea, so to speak. It could be as early as December 2nd, before I am back online for good, but depending on the cost, it could take as much as a whole month or more. As a result, I cannot work on any current projects or podcasts. If I am slated as a guest on an upcoming podcast, it will have to be done through Skype Out, using my cell phone. If this pertains to you, please email me and I'll be happy to provide you with my number.
Thank You.
-John Pavlich
The Sofa Dogs Podcast

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Rising from the ashes like a Phoenix, or a Firefly into a glorious state of Serenity, the Sofa Dogs podcast will be returning to the internet by next week. I've purchased a refurbished computer from an ebay store, and it has shipped today. If all goes well, it should arrive within this week, just in time for the season finale of Dollhouse. :) After the Mothers Day holiday weekend, the podcast will begin to get back into a regular schedule. At the same time, I will be attempting to transfer essential files and programs from my previous hard drive, over to my "new" computer.

Thanks to everyone who have continued to keep the numbers strong during this extended period of down time. Big things are coming for the podcast and this site, so stay alert! :)

-John Pavlich 

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With just a few days of March left to go, Sofa Dogs has reached a milestone: 5,224 downloads! The numbers for the month of February came out to 1,182. Thanks to the draw of Tim Minear and Dollhouse, as well as supportive word-of-mouth from the likes of Whedonesque, The Dollverse and The Dollhouse Podcast, our numbers have broken over the 5,000 mark in just a few weeks!

Not only that, but another unprecedented special occasion has occured: Tim Minear's commentary for the Dollhouse episode, "True Believer" is the first single installment of the Sofa Dogs podcast to reach 1,000 downloads, with a current total of 1,012!

My heart felt thanks to all of you who made this happen. I am truly grateful. "We've done the impossible, and that makes us mighty."

Best wishes,

John Pavlich

P.S. Keep those iTunes reviews and emails coming. They give me warm fuzzies. :)

EDITED TO ADD: Stuart Duncan, Co-Producer of Sofa Dogs has informed me of at least 5 previous episodes to break the 1,000 downloads mark:

#4 - Firefly: Our Mrs Reynolds (1076)
#68 - Summer Movies + Fall TV (1131)
#36 - Firefly: Ariel (1153)
#3 - Firefly: Jaynestown (1173)
#47 - Lost: The Glass Ballerina (1564)
"Having said that, the True Believer commentary has reached 1,000 far, far quicker than the others, so records are still being set."     -Stuart Duncan
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Motherboard (May 4th, 2005 - March 18th, 2009)

A few nights ago, at 11:30pm, the Fire Department came knocking on my door to inform me that a pipe had burst in the building and water was flooding the halls. Everyone was to evacuate the sixth floor and head down to the lobby and await further instructions. Sure enough, stepping out into the hallway, I was met with pink water (yes, pink) about a quarter-inch deep. I took the elevator down to the lobby. Roughly thirty minutes later, a man with a clipboard arrived and took our names, apartment numbers and asked us how we were feeling. We were then told not to leave the building, as the water was potentially toxic and we had been quarantined. At 4:00am, we were finally allowed back up to our apartments. Luckily, no water had managed to penetrate into my apartment. It remained in the hallway.

I tell that story as a preface to this: When I initially left my apartment, I shut down my computer, just in case. Arriving home at 4 in the morning, I discovered that my computer would never turn on again. I pushed the power button and nothing happened. After calling HP technical support, I was informed that my motherboard must have died. Basically, what this means is, aside from occasional e-mail updates, via the computers at my local library, I have no internet and no computer access at this time. My website and podcast, Sofa Dogs must now go on hiatus, the extent of which is currently unknown.

Ironically, the numbers for the site are at an all-time high, due in large part to our Dollhouse commentaries and my recent chat session with Tim Minear. In March alone, we have 3,838 downloads and the month is still in progress! Big plans were in the works for the show, including more Dollhouse discussions and further involvment from Tim, as well as a brand new redesign to celebrate the site's 3rd anniversary in April.

Sadly, all of this must now be put on hold, indefinitely. I am in the process of trying to find either a replacement motherboard or a refurbished computer that will allow me to simply transfer the guts of my original machine (hard drive, graphics card, DVD/CD burner, etc.), but limited funds is of course a problem right now.

I will continue to respond to emails and comments as best I can during this time, but I have no idea when new content will be available again on the Sofa Dogs podcast. I'll keep you all posted. Until then, I wish to extend my appreciation and gratitude to those of you who continue to support the show. Will Ritchie and Nick Jimenez at Geekeasy, David Chen and company at /Filmcast, Crystal Smalling at 3 Chicks & A Mic, Jonathan London and Eric Diaz at Geekscape, Lisa Tobias at Hypersensitive, Heather Stewart at First Things First TV, the folks at Whedonesque, Tim Minear, Stuart Duncan and many others that I simply haven't the time right now to mention. My sincerest thanks for everything you've done to help get the word out. Without you, this show means nothing.


John Pavlich

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Official Buffy Score Album by Christophe Beck

According to Variety's online blog The Set List, Rounder Records will release a long overdue official score soundtrack for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The album will contain 29 tracks from seasons 2 through 4, composed by Christophe Beck (Bring It On, Elektra, Confidence) and released on September 9th.

Here is the track list:
1. Massacre  (from “Becoming”)
2. Angel Waits  (from “Passion”)
3. Remembering Jenny  (from “Passion”)
4. Twice the Fool  (from “Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered”)
5. Moment of Happiness  (from “Innocence”)
6. Loneliness of Six (from “Lover’s Walk”)
7. Sugar High (from “Band Candy”)
8. Tai Chi  (from “Band Candy”)
9. Kralik’s House  (from “Helpless”)
10. Magic Snow Music  (from “Amends”)
11. Slayer’s Elegy  (from “The Wish”)
12. Faith’s End  (from “Graduation Day”)
13. Drink Me  (from “Graduation Day”)
14. One Last Moment  (from “Graduation Day”)
15. Haunted  (from “Fear Itself”)
16. From the Grave  (from “This Year’s Girl”)
17. Demon Got Your Tongue  (from “Hush”)
18. Golf Claps  (from “Hush”)
19. The Princess Screams  (from “Hush”)
20. Spellbound  (from “Who Are You?”)
21. Fyarl in the Morning  (from “A New Man”)
22. A Really Big Sandbox  (from “Restless”)
23. Spaghetti  (from “Restless”)
24. Body Paint  (from “Restless”)
25. Xander’s Nightmare  (from “Restless”)
26. The Tower  (from “The Gift”)
27. Losing Battle  (from “The Gift”)
28. Apocalypse  (from “The Gift”)
29. Sacrifice  (alternate version, from “The Gift”)

Personally, I'm mostly excited for the previously unavailable material from season 4 (especially "Restless"), as I already have the rest from Beck's original promotional discs. Hopefully, if this sells well, we may see a second volume some time in the future. I wouldn't say no to music from the remaining seasons, either (particularly Thomas Wanker's work on "Into The Woods" and "Smashed").

For anyone interested in making their own compilation, here's the track list from Christophe Beck's promotional discs for Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

NOTE: The order of these tracks may seem odd at first, as they are not initially in chronological order. The reason for this is, if you listen to the music very carefully, you will realize that much of it is actually seamlessly mixed together, like one, very long suite:

1. Resurrection
2. Twice The Fool
3. Remembering Jenny
4. Ampata's Kiss
5. Devil Child
6. What's That Do?
7. Sledgehammer
8. Cursed
9. Angel Waits
10. Mob Rush
11. Accused
12. Escape
13. Moment Of Happiness
14. The Buffy Rat
15. Love Is Forever
16. Robot Rampage
17. Show Me Your World
18. Waking Willow
19. Massacre
20. Vision Of Jenny
21. As Angel Becomes
22. The Mark Of Eyghon*
23. Deliverance
24. Tai Chi
25. Sugar High
26. Loneliness Of Six
27. Bizarro Sunnydale
28. Blood Machine
29. Slayer's Elegy
30. Dublin, 1938
31. Dreaming Of...
32. Magic Snow Music
33. Betrayal
34. Kralik's House
35. A Father's Love
36. Alternate Willow
37. Into The Mayor's Lair
38. Dearly Beloved
39. The Beginning Of The End
40. Class Protector
41. Poison Arrow
42. Faith's End
43. Aftermath
44. Drink Me
45. Little Miss Muffet
46. War
47. One Last Look
48. Close Your Eyes**
49. Dead Guys With Bombs***
50. Buffy & Riley's Love Theme****
51. Suite From "Hush"*****
52. Suite From "Restless"*****
53. Sacrifice From "The Gift"*****

*The end of this track starts to lead into a new, unknown piece of music. So, either a cue is missing from the promotional CD, or the track list I got from Blunt Instrument is inaccurate. Anyone who can clarify, please send email.
**Available on Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Album
***Available on Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Radio Sunnydale (UK Mix)
****I can't even remember where I got this from. I'm not entirely sure if it's from the composer, or if a talented fan did their own cover of this piece. It's difficult to tell, since Beck mostly uses synth instruments in his work as well.
*****Available on Buffy the Vampire Slayer: "Once More, With Feeling"

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I recorded this Q & A session in Dallas, during the North Texas 2008 Can't Stop The Serenity screening. Enjoy:

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Geek By Night Geek By Night is here!.... except that it's not. It's over there, at In case you don't know what the smeg I'm talking about, head on over to the site and check it out. Point is, I'm a writer, producer and actor for the show, supplying my voice as the main character! So what are you waiting for? An invitation? You've already got one. Go! Listen! Enjoy!
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The Unhappening While we were sorting out the general confusion, bewilderment and thumb-twiddling that led to first the domain expiring and then the libsyn account going inactive, John still managed to distill his thoughts into mp3 form over at And when I say distill...well I guess I don't actually mean distill because his guest host spot on Two Geeks, a Mic and a Podcast lasted over two hours.

And as an incredibly minor, insignificant side note, it turns out that my failure to renew the .com domain resulted in it being snapped up by some webparking 'service' or other. Oh well. If I knew how to put a positive spin on things I'd say 'Look out for Sofadogs.NET in 2008!!!', but I don't. *sigh*

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Now, thanks to a new FREE service called Jangl, we have voicemail. All you have to do is visit and sign up. After that, you enter in our e-mail address, which is You'll be given a phone number to call, which will allow you to leave us a message. Got a question you want answered? Give us a jangl. Want to tell us how awesome we are? Give us a jangl. Feel more like sending a litany of swears our way? You can do that too, just give us a jangl. If you're lucky, we may even include your message in the show (with your permission, of course).

You've listened to us for long enough, now it's time for us to hear what you have to say!

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Happy Birthday, Joss Whedon The Sofa Dogs team would like to wish writer/director Joss Whedon, a happy birthday. He turns 43.
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Lost: Season 3 Box Art & Details It wouldn't be a true end to the season without tantalising DVD info being dangled in front of us rabid fans, would it? Unfortunately, this year's release has an awfully distant December 11th street date attached to it :(

Excerpt from the press release:

Examine all 23 one-hour episodes on 7-disc DVD and discover deeper secrets behind the series with over 6 hours of bonus features including never-before-seen "Lost Flashbacks", "Lost in One Day" that shows 24 hours of production, and a deeper dive into "The World of the Others," where cast and producers reveal more about the island's secret inhabitants. Plus, get a behind-the-scenes look at 10 episodes with "Lost on Location," deleted scenes, bloopers and more.

  • "The World of the Others" - The secrets and mysteries of the Others revealed by the cast and producers
  • "Lost Flashbacks" - Never-before-seen glimpses into the past lives of the castaways
  • "Lost in One Day" - An exclusive behind-the scene look at 24 hours in the life of this series
  • "Lost on Location" - A behind-the-scenes look at 10 episodes
  • "The Lost Book Club" - Get hints to the significance of the show's literary references
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Bloopers
  • Audio Commentaries
All sounds fine and dandy, but if the US release date is mid-December I hate to think when the UK version will surface! Looks like I'm importing again...

Check out the full-size artwork and the complete press release at

Jacob loves you!

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Serenity: Collector's Edition Box Art & Special Features "Shiny!" Universal Home Entertainment is releasing a 2-disc Collector's Edition of Serenity on August 21st. According to DVD Active, these are the special features for the DVD:

  • 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen presentation.
  • English Dolby Digital 5.1, and DTS 5.1 Surround tracks.
  • Audio commentary with Joss Whedon.
  • Audio commentary with Joss Whedon, Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin, Summer Glau and Ron Glass.
  • Introduction by Joss Whedon.
  • Deleted scenes with director commentary.
  • Extended scenes.
  • Outtakes.
  • Take A Walk On Serenity featurette.
  • Green Clan featurette.
  • We'll Have A Fruity Oaty Good Time! featurette.
  • A Filmmaker's Journey featurette.
  • Future History: The Story Of Earth That Was featurette.
  • Re-lighting The Firefly featurette.
  • What's In A Firefly? featurette.
  • Session 416 featurette.
  • Sci-Fi Inside: Serenity featurette.
Click here for larger artwork.

What do you folks think of the new cover and these specs? Share your rants/raves on the Message Board. For the latest news on upcoming DVD releases, be sure to visit

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The Monster Squad DVD Official Box Art & Special Features Courtesy of Allie Leung at Lionsgate, here is the final, official information for the upcoming 2-disc 20th Anniversary Edition of The Monster Squad:


Street Date: 7/24/07
Order Date: 6/27/07
DVD SRP: $19.98

Click here for larger artwork.

The 1980s cult classic, The Monster Squad, makes its long awaited DVD debut with a monster-ous 20th anniversary edition.  To pay tribute to this true fan favorite, the 2-disc set will be featured in collectible foil o-card packaging and is loaded with extra features, including a five-part retrospective, classic interviews, deleted scenes, commentaries and much more!  

Count Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, the Wolfman, the Mummy and the Gillman adjourn to earth in search of a powerful amulet that will grant them power to rule the world.  However, a bunch of kids regarded by their peers as losers and outsiders uncover the devious plan and prepare for a counter strike.  Now, our heroes - the Monster Squad - are the only ones daring to stand in their way...

  • Monster Squad Forever! A five-part retrospective featuring new interviews with writer/director Fred Dekker, actors Andre Gower, Ryan Lambert, Ashley Bank, Duncan Regehr, Tom Noonan and more!
  • A Conversation with Frankenstein: A never-before-seen classic interview with the Monster himself!
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Audio commentary with Writer/Director Fred Dekker and "Squad Members" Andre Gower, Ryan Lambert and Ashley Bank
  • Audio Commentary with Writer/Director Fred Dekker and Director of Photography Bradford May
  • Original Theatrical Trailer and TV Spot
  • Stills Gallery
  • Newly Mastered 5.1 Dolby Digital Audio
Year of Production: 1987
Title Copyright: © 1987 Taft Entertainment Pictures/Keith Barish Productions.  All Rights Reserved.
Type: Special Edition
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Adventure/Comedy/Horror
Closed Captioned: English Closed Captioned
Subtitles: English and Spanish
Format: 16 x 9 Widescreen
Feature Running Time: 82 minutes
DVD Audio Status: Remastered 5.1 Dolby Digital Audio, Original 2.0 Dolby Stereo Audio

For additional information on this release, e-mail Elizabeth Atler at

Surf on over to DVD Empire and reserve your copy RIGHT NOW!

Big thanks to Allie and the fantastic company that is LIONSGATE.

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As John and I try for the third time to get his latest movie commentary uploaded, I thought it might be worth pointing out some contributions we've made of late to other podcasts. To hear me ramble for five minutes about scifi classic The Abyss check out the latest episode of PodCulture. To read John's thoughts on Sarah Michelle Gellar's The Return (among other things) head on over to the reviews section at

Coming soon: Empire Records.

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