#96 - Couch Surfing Ep. 3: Sick Daze & Stabbing America For the third episode of Couch Surfing, John tries to call in sick, while Scott confesses his love of peddling comics on unsuspecting victims. John is lamenting the late, great Veronica Mars, having recently discovered the show on DVD at his local library. Scott longs for the days of a happy Spider-Man. The two also discuss hidden treasures to be found in novelizations of popular movies and television shows, as well as the joys of knifing Captain America and gutting that smug jerk like a fat trout. The following artists can be heard in this episode:

Korn, The Dandy Warhols, Air, Death In Vegas, The Replacements, Lali Puna, Stars, Tears For Fears, Rogue Waves, Danny Elfman, Stretch, INXS, Oasis, Beck, Paul McCartney, Better Than Ezra, Rob Dickinson and Moby.
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