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Aug 2, 2006

Based on the Hellblazer series from Vertigo Comics, Keanu Reeves is John Constantine, an investigator of the occult and the supernatural. When demons start crossing over into the realm of the living, John has to track down the spear of destiny and stop the Devil's Son from bringing Hell on Earth. With a severe case of lung cancer and a history of sin, John must struggle for acceptance into Heaven and to escape eternal damnation. The things a guy's gotta do to stay in God's good graces. :)

over nine years ago

Just listened to this. Nice job. The major problem with the film, as you basically say, is that it doesn\'t clearly set up its universe, but also it basically breaks the rules that it does seem to set up. That\'s okay if you\'re dealing with folklore (so it\'s someone else\'s rules) but not if you\'re making it up.