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Jun 12, 2009

It's the first ever (as far as we know) fan commentary for Joss Whedon's web-friendly sensation, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog! The story concerns an ambitious super-villain (Neil Patrick Harris) who's obsessed with the Evil League of Evil, his crime-fighting nemesis (Nathan Fillion) who's obsessed with, uh, himself and the bright, big-hearted activist (Felicia Day) who's caught between them. On top of all that, there's singing! Really awesome singing! With words and everything!

Please join Nick Jimenez, Will Ritchie and myself as we bring up Stephen Sondheim, Depeche Mode, Once More, With Feeling and appoint Felicia Day as the spokesperson for frozen yogurt! After all, it's about time this delicious treat had some solid representation, right? Remember to listen for my preemptive countdown before starting the program.

By the way, the hammer is my podcast. :) 

over nine years ago

Yay! Wow spam!

over nine years ago

In the beginning there was a joke about how a girl wore a peter pan costume and kept saying she was robin hood...That\'s from Big Bang Theory! Sounded like that reference slipped by unnoticed... But _I_ got it!

Hayden Jones
over nine years ago

I\'m surprised Nick and Will did not break out into song. John how\'s your singing voice?

over nine years ago

ah, well we did not want to overcrowd the cesspool of musical talent.

nine and a half years ago

Very enjoyable.