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Mar 16, 2009

After our Dollhouse Commentary for "True Believer", Tim Minear (writer/consulting producer/narcissist) keeps the party going. Please enjoy as Tim and I talk about more Dollhouse, digital downloading, listening to your public, the "cult" of Darla and war stories concerning creative credit. Also, we get a little punchy and take many lighthearted, verbal jabs at each other. It's nearly an hour of podcasting that defies the laws of thermal dynamics (probably), due to its deadly combination of astounding brilliance and sheer stupidity (mostly). BEWARE: This recording contains some mature language not necessarily suitable for younger audiences. Listener discretion is advised. 

almost ten years ago

More Angel commentaries is a great idea.

almost ten years ago

Whoa, hey!

*I wish I had a million dollars!*
Just checking.

almost ten years ago

damn that was good!:)

Dan Doolan
almost ten years ago

Great show.
Really impressive stuff, keep up the good work.

Hayden Jones
almost ten years ago

Fun show.