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Mar 10, 2009

After a long hiatus, Lisa Tobias makes a welcome return to the show. John decides to eat during this momentous occasion, loudly. Yeah, totally professional. Not rude at all. :)

00:03:29 - Lisa is bummed about the end of Battlestar Galactica. They talk briefly about Caprica.
00:06:55 - Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist is discussed. Lisa loved it. John, not so much with the love.
00:12:28 - Is it acceptable to punch someone in the throat if they call you "jealous"?
00:19:30 - Summer Glau + The Big Bang Theory = Awesome! General appreciation for the Sitcom genre is also discussed, again.
00:28:42 - Ever heard of a horror movie called Midnight Meat Train? Yeah, we thought not.
00:33:50 - Lisa enjoyed He's Just Not That Into You, despite the off-putting, mixed message at the end.
00:37:26 - Apparently, the mixture of Cool Ranch Doritos and French Onion Dip causes toxic air pollution. Who knew?
00:40:12 - John and Lisa highly recommend the Hyperlink film, Twenty Bucks.
00:47:18 - Canada's own, Marshal writes in to the show with a double dose of emails, prompting discussions about Alias, Dollhouse and Dead Like Me: Life After Death.
00:55:38 - Marshal also asks about the mystery clip at the top of the previous episode. The answer is a Kevin Smith-type film called What Love Is.
01:05:18 - John and Lisa close out the show with discussion of Heroes. Can it be saved, and is Bryan Fuller the best man for the job?
The following artists can be heard in this episode:

Billy West & John Di Maggio, Kimberly Cole, Vampire Weekend, Mark Mothersbaugh, Band Of Horses, The Real Tuesday Weld, Barenaked Ladies, The Avalanches, Oasis, Nine Inch Nails, Heather Nova, Coldplay, Electric President, Organic Audio, Josh Kramon, Etta James, Stewart Copeland, Vast, Cary Brothers, That Dog and We Are Scientists.

Lisa T.
over ten years ago

Yay! Thanks to \"J\" above who left a comment about how awesome I am! That\'s so great - we definitely need more comments like that one! ;)

And, Ben - if you thought the crunching was annoying as a listener, just imagine being his co-host! Hahaha, just kidding, John (kind of).

over ten years ago

Regarding February sweeps, it was actually postponed due to the change from analog to digital signals that was scheduled for February 12th. The signal switch was changed to June for some reason, but the sweeps are now in March.

John Pavlich
over ten years ago

I think we\'re both right, Hayden. Remember the episode that was all about Sheldon learning how to make new friends and interact with people?

Ben Candell
over ten years ago

I was going to make this my first ever episode of Couch Surfing, hoping to like it cus someone recommended it, but about 5 minutes in one of the hosts starts eating crunchy chips into his mic, and I turned it off. Not trying to be venomous or anything, just letting you guys know why you lost a listener :) cya

John Pavlich
over ten years ago

Ben, that was me. I was hungry, and I thought it would be amusing. You should also know that the sound does not run for the entire episode and that it\'s an anomaly to begin with. Perhaps you should try listening to, oh I don\'t know, any other episode? But hey, if a little thing like that can immediately scare you away, then maybe you\'re better off. Thanks for stopping by, I guess. :)

P.S. Who was your friend that recommended the show? I\'d like to buy them a cookie. :)

Nick Kirk
over ten years ago

I liked the crunching

over ten years ago

What an awesome co-host, she is so awesome.

Hayden Jones
over ten years ago

I recently discovered the Big Bang Theory. Happy to hear that you like it too. I think it is better to describe Sheldon as suffering from Asperger\'s syndrome then it is to say he is anti-social.