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Feb 1, 2009

Eric Diaz, from Geekscape returns to the show to discuss his favorite television program, Twin Peaks. Also, we review The Strangers on DVD.

00:02:22 - John had a Twin Peaks marathon a few months back. The discussion can finally begin.
00:08:37 - Eric feels that David Lynch has lost his mojo.
00:13:53 - Angelo Badalamenti is discussed, as well as Lynch's dreamspace aesthetic. John manages to bring up Buffy the Vampire Slayer, naturally.
00:17:23 - Femme Fatales in David Lynch's work is mentioned. Sherilynn Fenn is so beautiful, even gay men find her hot. Well, one, at least.
00:24:44 - Eric recalls the impact Twin Peaks had on him and the nature of television.
00:39:00 - Ray Wise gets some love for his fine acting.
00:43:40 - Eric recommends the prequel film, Fire Walk With Me.
00:48:36 - John and Eric both found The Strangers to be a pleasant surprise. What qualifies as "Torture Porn"?
01:03:55 - Horror sequels are discussed, as well as the three big, Slasher franchises. This just in, A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 is the "gayest" horror movie ever made.
01:10:34 - Rob Zombie gets put in movie jail, for his hypocritical treatment of the Halloween remake.
01:14:29 - Eric and John lament the slow process of their favorite titles making it to Blu-ray. Tony Scott's first film, The Hunger is also talked about.
01:26:28 - Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Series needs to be converted to a high definition release, kinda now. Eric brings up Star Trek.
01:30:11 - After a short intermission, the podcast jumps ahead in editing,  to a discussion about the polarizing passion of geek culture and fanaticism. Devon Faraci wishes fatal illness on Alex Billington.
01:38:14 - Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to The Darkside. The Darkside leads to stomach ulcers. Ask your doctor. It's true.
01:43:33 - John is compiling a list of potential guests he's contacted for the show (David Chen, Neha Tiwari, Elisabeth Rappe, Brian Gilmore, Alex Albrecht, Heather Stewart, Tim Minear). The list is growing and will soon break loose into the city. Hide your babies and small pets! :)

The following artists can be heard in this episode:      

Crushing Velvet, Moby, Julee Cruise, Angelo Badalamenti, Mark Snow, Joanna Newsom, Mark Isham, Harry Manfredini, John Carpenter, Bauhaus, LaTour, Relient K, The Crystal Method, Nathan Fillion, Paul Oakenfold & Nelly Furtado and Denis Leary.

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Lisa T.
over ten years ago

Yay, Eric! Twin Peaks is my 2nd favorite TV show of all time (2nd only to Buffy and only slightly ahead of VM, of course!)!!

I had totally forgotten about \'The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer!!\' I also had the book about Agent Cooper\'s tapes/autobiography, or whatever. I\'ve lost those books over the years ... I SO need to get new copies of them!!

And stop hating on my Alex (Albrecht) - not all of us are film snobs like you guys!!! :-P

Hopefully my schedule will permit me to co-host CS again soon!


Hayden Jones
over ten years ago

The second season of Twin Peaks was like watching a death spiral... I\'m still bitter...