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Jun 20, 2008

Episode nine of Couch Surfing finds John and Scott discussing the differences between comics and movies as viable mediums of storytelling. Scott talks smack about dormitory living and teenagers, ensuring our audience doesn't get too big. John reviews Justice League: The New Frontier, which he finds entertaining but feeling very truncated. This leads into a discussion about the live-action counterpart, which still seems to be moving forward. The two of them question the credibility of, after a contradictory article on the success of science fiction in movies and TV. They push for a new measurement system to replace the Nielsen Ratings, while praising the merits of watching TV online. The following artists can be heard in this episode:

MGMT, Kaiser Chiefs, Coldplay, Tuatara, Eminem, The New Pornographers, Rod Stewart, Ash, Linkin Park, Devo, Elastica, Goldfrapp, Regina Spektor, Rilo Kiley, Stars, Cornrowz, Aerosmith, Vast, Danny Elfman and Republica.

Hayden Jones
almost eleven years ago

I think this was the episode when I decided to become a devoted listener.

Lisa T.
almost eleven years ago

Yay - now you just have to get the rest up ASAP, cause I talk about Couch Surfing in Hypersensitive Ep 08 and link to it in my shownotes. So ... get cracking, mister! :)